Tuesday, January 20, 2009

LiFe In UtAh RoCkS?

Life in the 801 (I'm calling it that now):

-Sundance Film Festival. Rock. Definitely worth getting like 3 hours of sleep and driving all over the state to get to. We only saw one celebrity too: the dad from Freaky Friday. My opinion: I shouldn't care at all about celebrities because I can't even recognize them on the street if I do see them. I had hope in my heart to meet Bruce Campbell or Steve Buscemi. I only met stuck up hipsters and rich socialites. Park City is one giant GAP commercial.

-Walking With The Dinosaurs. Awesome. Even better when you buy nosebleeds and sit wherever you want in the high rises.

-Roommate of the month. A delicious idea.

-Art, music, films, books. I'm living the Barnes and Noble's life right now.

All in all, I'm busier than I've been in a long time and life is flitting past like scenery from train window. Even my imagery is rushed. I'm at work learning how to negotiate music rights. This will come in handy one day right?

Friday, January 9, 2009

The new semester

Ok. So here I am in the new semester. I got home to good old Utah. I found natalie in the airport. I didn't let her go. Travelling was kind of a big treat. I flew out of Cincinnati and had a nice lay over in O'Hara. Which I guess is like me saying, "I had a very pleasant root canal." But I did. It's so huge and busy.

I'm back now though. We've had snow storms like crazy here. I love the snow though. I love it when it's coming down thick and awful and dirty like ash all over the roads. Mt. Vesuvius exploding. Pliny the Elder engulfed. My car has been stuck in a few places, but everything is melting off now. For the next few hours at least. All the snow people are melting and falling down. People are skidding over the ice on campus.

My classes are nice. It's a true semester. Kind of a hassle. Kind of exciting. I'm taking a comparitive literature class. I feel like Sylvia Plath. Sick of the head-nodders. Sick of the mundane. The class is super easy. I'm noticing how much people like to add to the simplicity of the class. Just so it sounds more complex and complicated than it is. Hell, you could rewrite the scripts for Little Bill with a scholarly vocabulary and study it as an art. It's an interesting class though I guess. I'll finish it, prove my point, and never major in comparitive lit.

I'm at work now. Always at work. ha. I've got a few Bukowski books to read when I get the time. Some wasabi nuts to eat. Some White Stripes to listen to. All's well that ends well.
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