Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh World, Dear World, Grant Me This One Wish

Let me somehow fast-track to having a 4.0 GPA and a BA in Comp. Lit. with working knowledge of French, Russian, Urdu, and Portuguese. And then let me fast-track past my MA and PhD and then just give me a bunch of money so I can start a magazine that is like n+1 but WAY WAY better, something that is relevant and not clunky and one that has nothing to do with Choire Sicha or that whole young New York brigade, the ones who accept my work and then reject it and accept it and then reject it, it tugs on my heart strings to say I have a piece published three times over and then have nothing, you know it does, and please have the internet stop writing things to just fill space, maybe that's what my magazine will be about, it will be about how sometimes we



to function because most stuff just gets jammed together, this is why people like proper punctuation. This is why proper grammar is necessary to communicate effectively and without confusion. This is the difference between "Translate, and analyze the underlined words" and "Translate and analyze the underlined words". Because, sometimes, not knowing the difference makes you fail.

Anyways, I'm bored of college. I like learning but I don't like to choose between distractions (learning is MOST DEFINITELY a distraction). I like to just open up my pupils, my pores, my ears, and let it all flow into me. Sing into my mouth.
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